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I was BLOWN AWAY by my experience here. Over the last few years I've gotten used to basically all my care institutions (primary care, eye, dentist) completely phoning it in- I have Kaiser, iykyk - and I finally got mad enough at my last eye Dr after my frames snapped a couple days out of warranty and they shrugged their shoulders and left me frameless (and with no frame benefit for a full year and a half, except for a pretty insulting 20% discount on their $350 frame options).

Well, my experience here was nothing short of the complete opposite. The exam was WAY more thorough than what I've been used to; exams at my old place were like 15 minutes with the doctor and felt basically perfunctory. To ge fair I was a new patient with no records, but it wasn't just that- Dr. Y spent about 45 min with me including doing the glasses try on part herself instead of sending me to another employee (which isn't a big deal to me but was just another point to impress). And despite the longer time in the office none of it dragged, everything was quick and decisive.

And the frames!! I'm used to spending $350 for frames alone, and having 1-3 options that fit my face (which is narrower than maybe average, but not that small!). Here, my literal frames and high index lenses AND the anti reflective coating came to well below that, and I picked from maybe 10 pairs all of which fit great.

All round a great experience and so satisfying!

Katherine H.

It's my second year with Jewel City Optometry and I couldn't be happier. Dr Yepremian is super caring, never tries to "sell" services, and does her best to meet all your needs. The office staff is friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this place!

Maria A.

I had my initial appointment with Dr. Yepremian yesterday, and at the risk of sounding effusive, it was by far the best optometric experience I've ever had. I was the only patient in the office during my appointment, to minimize contact during COVID, which I appreciated so much. No stuffy, "I'm a doctor" attitudes from Dr. Yepremian or her staff--so friendly and down to earth. She spent an hour examining my eyes, explaining what she was doing, really listening to my descriptions of my post-cataract vision issues, and even helping me pick out the best frames for my trifocals. It's apparent that she's an outstanding optometrist who really knows her profession, but she interacts in such a pleasant and instructive way. I can't recommend Dr. Yepremian enough.

Susan S.

I been a patient of Dr. Arlene Yepremian since 2001shes an excellent Doctor I will highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone with a lot of experience in the field nobody else touches my eyes but Dr. Yepremian.

Tony H.

Dr. Yepremyan is an excellent optometrist . She is very ethical and attentive to her patients needs . We have been seeing her for over 2 yrs and will continue being her patients . She is very good with kids exams as well. I have been taking my 6 yr old son and 9 yr old daughter to see her for exams . My son is very active and not always easy to deal with but did very well with Dr. Yepremyan . She was also able to get us in when there was a cancellation since I was worried about my sons vision getting worse . Very thankful to have found this wonderful Doctor !!

Nune G.

I definitely recommend this Jewel City Optomerty to everyone. I went a lot of places to change the lenses for my Oakley glasses, however, nobody couldn't do it. Jewel city Optometry perfectly changed the lenses. I even ordered the wrong type of lenses, but they replaced it for free. The staff is very nice, professional including the doctor. The office is very clean and welcoming!
Thank you Jewel City Optometry.

Erik A.

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